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Inside this issue:
June 2016
M2Gen partners with pharmas and ORIEN to speed targeted trials for advanced-stage cancers...
by Lori Lesko
June 2016
FEI teams with five pharmas, MRC and University of Cambridge to form Cryo-EM Research Consortium ...
by Mel. J. Yeates
June 2016
Reflection on changes to best practices begins in wake of French clinical trial tragedy...
by Jeffrey Bouley
June 2016
Cancer heterogeneity can make therapy feel like whack-a-mole...
by Randall C Willis
Top Story
Guest Commentary:
The June 2016 issue had a second guest commentary (in addition to the one in the Editor's Focus section farther down this home page), not a common occurrence for us. And since the Editor's Focus area only allow three entries, we wanted to make sure it got some mention of its own. It's titled "Identification of durable, assessable biomarker signatures for parasite-induced cholangiocarcinoma" and you can read it by clicking here.

Editor's Focus:
June 2016
Decades after the precision medicine revolution began, it is worth assessing whether the evidence still supports genomics as the primary pillar upon which to understand cancer and make treatment decisions.. [ more ]
by Murali Prahalad, Epic Sciences

June 2016
Some might argue that saying 'thin is in' with regard to humans is a matter of size discrimination, but in science and technology, thin can make all the difference in the world for better results.. [ more ]
by Peter T. Kissinger

June 2016
Rare diseases, like M&As and creative collaboration deals before them, present opportunities for pharmas and biotechs to boost their bottom lines, but there is a risk of tunnel vision (and plenty of precedent for it as well) of which we must remain wary.. [ more ]
by Jeffrey Bouley

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