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Our 2016 Media Kit is now available
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Inside this issue:
May 2016
The process begins to see who has the patent rights regarding CRISPR technology...
by Kevin Noonan
May 2016
Rule changes by Treasury Department mean trouble for any U.S. companies attempting inversion deals in near term...
by Jeffrey Bouley
May 2016
PATH, SD/Alere announce commercial availability of diagnostic tools for two neglected tropical diseases...
by Kelsey Kaustinen
May 2016
Adocia and Lilly announce positive Phase 1b results for ultra-rapid BioChaperone Lispro...
by Jeffrey Bouley
Top Story
International Society for Stem Cell Research 14th annual meeting
ISSCR 2016
June 22-25, 2016
Moscone Center West
San Francisco, California
Show Preview
ISSCR 2016: Stem cells in San Francisco
To find out more about the upcoming annual meeting of the International Society for Stem Cell Research (and some other recent stem cell news as well), click here.

May Issue Online-Only Extras
The May 2016 issue features two online-only extras, a Q&A and a new Patent Docs column:
Also, in addition to the guest commentary on data visualization listed in the "Editor's Focus" section" below, we have a second guest commentary in the May 2016 issue, "Individualized medicine vs. precision medicine"
And for the full May issue in PDF form, click here

Editor's Focus:
May 2016
We keep trying to find ways to make it harder for people to abuse opioids. Perhaps we should be working harder to find new ways to treat intractable pain... [ more ]
by Jeffrey Bouley

May 2016
When it comes to anecdotes vs. evidence, people often latch on to highly touted 'remedies' in the news and social media feeds that are often more rumor or hype than actual promise. However, even in the anecdotes, we sometimes find the beginning of wisdom that leads to development and clinical testing of potential therapeutics... [ more ]
by Randall C Willis

May 2016
There is a risk that visualizations could end up being used to confirm or justify our own hypotheses and biases, but could data visualizations bring to light patterns in our data, drive new hypotheses and show us things we weren’t expecting?.. [ more ]
by Edmund Champness of Optibrium

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