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April 2016
Synlogic-AbbVie collaboration to use synthetic biotics to develop IBD drug...
by Ilene Schneider
April 2016
In exploring methylation in HIV, researchers uncover a key to its replication...
by Kelsey Kaustinen
April 2016
Recent developments may allow for chronic traumatic encephalopathy to be tested in live humans...
by Zack Anchors
April 2016
Analgesia remains a chronic challenge...
by Randall C Willis
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April Issue Online-Only Extras
We couldn't fit all the April content into the physical issue, so here are three online-only bonus articles for you:
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Immunology 2016
Annual meeting of the American Association of Immunologists (AAI)
May 13-17, 2016
Washington State Convention Center, Seattle
Immunologically speaking
Seattle plays host to this year’s annual meeting of the American Association of Immunologists

Editor's Focus:
April 2016
Cancer therapy is fast approaching a clinical crossroads: to treat a cancer patient with an approach based on stimulating an immune response or to target the cancer cells directly with cytotoxic or a targeted therapy? .. [ more ]
by Nicola McCarthy/Jonathan Moore

April 2016
Have we entered into such a love affair with the promise of genetic data that we've unfairly and unwisely begun to neglect things like basic chemistry?.. [ more ]
by Peter T. Kissinger

April 2016
We don’t need to put genomics ‘back in the bottle,’ but we may need to bottle up expectations.. [ more ]
by Jeffrey Bouley

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