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Solving supply chains
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Minneapolis and Cardiff, UK—Be The Match BioTherapies, an organization offering solutions for companies developing and commercializing cell and gene therapies, and TrakCel, a software developer for cell and gene therapy supply chain tracking and orchestration systems, have announced a collaboration that will provide integrated solutions for companies developing cell and gene therapies. 
“Be The Match BioTherapies and TrakCel share the goal of ensuring that the next generation of cell and gene therapies can be developed efficiently and delivered to patients safely and reliably,” said Chris McClain, vice president, Sales and New Business Development, Be The Match BioTherapies. “This collaboration will allow us to develop the custom solutions best suited for each individual program and patient population.”
The strategic partnership will reportedly enable cell and gene therapy developers to benefit from an integrated suite of industry-leading services and technology platforms. This combination of services and platforms was designed to improve operations at every step of the cell and gene therapy supply chain, ranging from clinical delivery to commercial-scale operations and coordination of these activities through a single software platform. 
Be The Match BioTherapies and TrakCel plan to identify the unique challenges faced by cell and gene therapy developers and integrate services and platforms that provide direct solutions. Be The Match BioTherapies will contribute solutions for cell sourcing, cell therapy supply chain, clinical study design and execution, cellular therapy outcomes registry and IT systems. TrakCel will provide its chain of custody/chain of identity (COC/COI), scheduling and logistics management software platform.
This integration of talents is said to increase efficiencies and eliminate redundancies while supporting all aspects of the supply chain in accordance with regulatory and protocol requirements. The companies are currently working together to deliver the integrated offering in support of a client’s CAR-T development program. 
“Clinical and commercial advances in cell and gene therapies continue to progress dramatically. However, the resultant increases in complexity and stakeholders involved in the supply chain can leave it stretched and fragmented, potentially exposing patients to unnecessary risks,” noted Ravi Nalliah, CEO, TrakCel. “As a result, TrakCel is continuing to sign partnerships with relevant industry providers to ensure the ever-growing supply chain can be effectively managed. This specific partnership with Be The Match BioTherapies will enable us to provide a more standardized and streamlined cell and gene therapy development process. That, in turn, will accelerate the delivery of vital new therapies to patients.”
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