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Recognizing diagnostic capabilities
December 2019
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DEQING, China—In late October, Shuwen Biotech, a China-based diagnostics innovator, announced that it had been designated as an International Cooperation Base for Novel Biomarkers and Innovative Diagnostic Technologies by authorities in Zhejiang Province, China.
The designation was based on the recognition of Shuwen’s capabilities, infrastructure and accomplishments in development and commercialization of innovative medical diagnostic products through licensing and international collaborations. 
Shuwen Biotech has built what it calls “a world-leading, innovative diagnostic-technology transformation platform” through its own innovations as well as licensing and collaborative development, under which Shuwen commercializes the latest scientific and technological advances in medical diagnostics, especially novel biomarkers.
To date, Shuwen has licensing and collaboration agreements with 15 leading European and American universities and companies, and has developed and/or commercialized a number of innovative diagnostic products under such agreements. Of note, Shuwen’s novel first-of-its-kind Point-of-Care Preeclampsia Detection Kit, based on technologies licensed from a leading U.S. university and developed in-house, has been certified by the European Union and is being promoted globally. 
“We are honored by this recognition. We will continue to expand on international cooperation and licensing, and focus on commercializing international diagnostic innovation to benefit health,” commented Jay Z. Zhang, chairman and CEO of Shuwen.
Since 2011, Shuwen has established strategic partnerships with numerous outstanding academic and commercial institutions such as Yale University, University of Chicago, BioNTech, SphingoTec and others in the form of exclusive licensing of first-in-class diagnostic technologies and patents, which cover a range of novel biomarkers for diagnostics in the fields of cancer, women’s health, critical care, health screening and other fields. Shuwen has also developed innovative and quality companion diagnostics and provided central lab testing services to leading pharmaceutical developers. 
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