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DDN takes lead with integrated news
October 2008
by Bruce Poorman  |  Email the author

As DDN readers, you are aware of our print version, but this is just one way our organization disseminates the news. Just as the general public receives its news from many "touch points" like newspapers, TV, radio and the Internet, DDN delivers the news of the pharmaceutical industry through several different sources, both print and online. We offer these multi-vehicle integrated sources to deliver news for our readers—as well as integrated marketing programs for advertisers.

Several research studies confirm the value of integrated news and marketing:
In 2008, K.C. Associates completed the Publications for Pharmaceutical Industry Study. The purpose of this study was to identify the sources of news within the pharmaceutical industry and the preference of individuals to receive that information. The top three sources for industry information cited by pharma and biotech professionals were Internet searches, trade publications and online newsletters – all rated about equal in preference. Online was preferred because of its search capabilities and print because of its portability.

Further, the study clearly shows people in the market use a combination of these different media, not one media type alone, to gather and process the news of the industry. The conclusion that follows is simple: you need an integrated offering of these different news sources, not one, to best reach the industry.

A study commissioned by Google also confirmed the research of K.C. Associates.
"Newspaper ads drive readers to the web, where they search, find and obtain products," says Spencer Spinnell, head of the Google Print Ads program.

Key findings of the Google study were:
  • More than 50 percent of the 1,003 respondents said if they saw a newspaper ad for a product they already knew about from the Internet, they would be more likely to purchase the product.

  • 56 percent of Internet-using newspaper readers research or purchased at least one product they saw advertised in print
Forrester and the ABM study confirmed the effect of integrated information sources. When used together, B2B, digital and traditional print media help business decision-makers recognize brands and help B2B marketers reach more qualified buyers. "It is easier for me to recognize or remember a company's brand or products/services when I see messages about it in multiple media, such as magazines, online or at events," says one respondent to the Forrester study.

In addition, the report notes that decision-makers are spending more time reading trade publications—not less—and visiting industry-specific Web sites. Forty-four percent of respondents say they spend three or more hours reading industry-specific magazines, a significant jump from 2001 when 20 percent said they spent that much time reading magazines. The time spent reading and surfing industry-specific web sites experienced a similar jump to 46 percent in 2007 compared with 29 percent in 2001.

So, what conclusion can we draw from these studies? For one, I'd say DDN is on the right track as a news organization, by reaching out to industry decision-makers with a news package delivered through multiple integrated media. The mission of DDN has always been to be a portal to provide the pharmaceutical industry with information about business issues, trends, global news, people, and events. Our total multi-media news package includes:
  • DDN in print, with a monthly BPA audited circulation of 30,000 plus subscribers. DDN in print is unique to the industry since we are a business newspaper. DDN stories are like the business stories you see in the business section of your daily newspaper applied to the pharma and biotech industry, and are printed on newsprint just like any other newspaper. We provide readers with context and analysis that clearly explains why a story is important to them and the industry as a whole. We give a sense of what the industry-wide ripples will be from a story.

    As we complete our fourth year of publishing, DDN in print, our editorial staff has set the stage for expanded delivery of industry news through our online vehicles.
  • DDN Online, is a twice-monthly, opt-in, subscription-based e-newsletter reaching more than 60,400 subscribers worldwide. DDN Online covers breaking business stories as well as recent significant research findings. In 2007, we delivered nearly 1.5 million e-newsletters to subscribers.
  • The DDN Web site is a fully integrated online news vehicle offering more in-depth content, industry resources, product literature, white papers and our archived print issues. With edit-connect and adv-connect, DDN is the leading industry site that provides our readers with links to additional editorial and product resources. DDN Web usage last year generated more than 4.6 million downloaded pages.
  • Our latest offering is the DDN e-New Product Showcase. Launching in the spring 2009, this vehicle will be delivered on a quarterly schedule to 60,400 recipients. Much like the product showcases we have developed for ALA, SBS and DDT exhibitors, the e-New Product Showcase will deliver information on worldwide new products and services with hyperlinks to manufacturer and supplier Web sites along with available imbedded product videos.
Whether you're at your desk, in the carpool or at the airport on your way to a convention, DDN delivers the industry news you need through various touch points for the way you live and work.

Go online today at and register your e-mail address for our e-News delivery vehicles.



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