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Announcing the ddn Cancer Research Portal: Your gateway to the latest oncology news, trends and resources
October 2011
by Amy Swinderman  |  Email the author

In a May 2009 editorial in this publication, fresh off the American Association for Cancer Research's 100th Annual Meeting in Denver, I shared with our readers that I had never personally known anyone who suffered from or died of cancer—despite the sobering statistics put forth by the American Cancer Society that nearly 1.5 million new cancer cases were diagnosed and more than a half million people died of cancer in the United States alone the year prior.  
In late 2011, this isn't the case for me anymore. Startlingly, a little more than two years later, I now need two hands to count how many friends and colleagues have been impacted by some form of this disease … and I am quickly running out of fingers. For some of these friends and colleagues, the battle was waged uphill. For others, a cancer diagnosis was but a mild hiccup in their lives, and they quickly moved on from treatment to emerge healthier and more proactive about maintaining their health.  
At the same time, in the course of reviewing the past year and planning for 2012, the journalists of ddn recently took a look at how much of our news coverage involves oncology, and we were stunned to learn that in the last two years, our cancer-related news stories have doubled. Today, cancer research dominates nearly every section of our newspaper and other news vehicles. From diagnostics to R&D and everything in between, cancer is clearly a hot topic.
That's why we decided to launch our latest news division, the ddn Cancer Research Portal, your gateway to the latest oncology news, trends and resources. Here, on this special website, you will have immediate access to all of our cancer- related coverage, as well as featured news and spotlights on some of the industry's oncology leaders and links to various companies, research centers and organizations dedicated to treating—or even curing—cancer.  
It's our hope that this news portal will serve as a bridge between you and the growing cancer community. In the months to come, we will be announcing special coverage that will shine a light on the various players in oncology research—from bench to bedside. Much like the ever-changing news, we expect the ddn Cancer Research Portal to exist as a living, breathing entity that alters in reaction to the most up-to-date announcements and trends.  
Whether you are a cancer researcher, a student pursuing the oncology field, a company engaged in the search for anti-cancer compounds, a member of government or just an interested party, we hope you enjoy this new resource, which you can access by visiting Thanks for reading.



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