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January 2018
San Diego plays host to this year’s International Conference and Exhibition of the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening. Read more to find out what's happening so you know what to expect when you're there, or why you should consider attending this or future SLAS conferences....
January 2018
IBM’s Watson validates discovery of five new genes linked to the neurodegenerative disease...
by Lori Lesko
January 2018
Collaboration to explore RNA interference therapeutics for liver disease...
by Jim Cirigliano
January 2018
Results from Phase 3 studies support brolucizumab’s less-frequent dosing schedule...
by Mel J. Yeates
Recent Guest Commentaries
"Should you be concerned about temporary data?"
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"Affinity and beyond--Assessing the alternatives to therapeutic antibodies"
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"Two barriers to CRISPR’s success and how they can be overcome"
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Editor's Focus:
January 2018
A Hollywood screenwriter, a marine biologist and a science journalist walk into a lecture hall...and suggest you should tell more stories.. [ more ]
by Randall C Willis

January 2018
Companies, including pharmas and biotechs, do engage in greedy decisions at times, but does the high cost presented for a new gene therapy represent avarice or a need to recoup losses for bringing to market a powerful but still very new approach?.. [ more ]
by Jeffrey Bouley

December 2017
How cell-based combinatorial cultures can improve cell bioprocessing and address future challenges in regenerative medicine.. [ more ]
by Dr. Shahzad Ali of Plasticell

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