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Proven Liquid Handling for Reliable Molecular Biology Processes
October 2007

CyBio introduces the CyBi-GeneRobots, a product family of functionally designed systems to automate applications in molecular biology. Carefully designed instrument details allow effective automation of time-consuming and strenuous laboratory procedures. The CyBi-DiluSpro is an 8-channel pipettor perfectly suited for many molecular biology applications. Through the high precision over the entire pipetting range of 0.5 L -250 L, the CyBi-DiluSpro is a solid choice for PCR set and clean up, as well as sequencing reaction set and clean up. The functional design enables easy integration to laminar flowboxes and the opportunity to change tips during the process avoids cross-contamination. The flexible carriage design accommodates a wide range of reagents and samples. With the help of the user-friendly CyBio Composer software, application-specific protocols can be quickly programmed and run. The CyBi-Well vario is a multi-channel pipettor, perfectly suited for nucleic acid transfer applications in the 96-, 384-, and 1536-well format, such as high-throughput siRNA screenings. Exchangeable pipetting heads covering a volume from 25 nL up to 250 L provide flexibility from the downscaling of reaction volumes to throughput increases. Sterile and PCR-certified disposable tips promise highly reliable results without any cross-contamination. CyBio's core pipetting technologies enable gentle cell handling as well as rapid nucleic acid transfer protocols on the same instrument. The CyBi-RoboSpense is an all-purpose pipetting robot with 4 or 8 individually addressable channels, ideal for nucleic acid purification, processing and analysis applications. The system works with tubes and plates both in the 96- and 384-well format, delivering precise, highly reproducible results, right from the start. The CyBi-RoboSpense is designed for fully automated sample purification and reaction set and clean up tasks. It is ideal for all labs that are looking for a versatile system that automates a wide variety of molecular biology applications.
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