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February 2013
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MILLVILLE, N.J.WHEATON Industries has acquired MicroLiter Analytical Supplies Inc., of Suwanee, Ga., in a move that adds a specialty brand of pre-cleaned chromatography sample vials and accessories for use with autosamplers to WHEATON's product mix.  
WHEATON, which will celebrate the 125th anniversary of its corporate founding in 1888 next year, brought scale, cash flow and global reach to the marriage, says company president Wayne Brinster.  
"MicroLiter, a leading brand in high-precision chromatography, is a strategic step in strengthening WHEATON's leadership in chemical analysis products. To that end, we welcome MicroLiter's dedicated customers and advocates," says Brinster. "We're looking forward to a synergistic relationship in which we can better support scientists and researchers through efficiencies and product line expansion."  
Brinster notes that WHEATON, which was bought from Alcan by private investors in 2006, currently has a manufacturing operation in Europe and a presence through distributors in Asia, South American and Africa.  
Brinster points out that MicroLiter, founded in 1996 to provide high-quality consumable products to the autosampler market, is recognized for its focus on supplying precleaned, sample containment products processed in Class 10,000 cleanroom facilities. Its product line includes 12x32mm glass autosampler vials, inserts, septa and closures, and the MicroLiter Plate Sampling System, a patented design that provides a 96-well, multi-array sample-handling format for chromatography autosamplers.
"We have had a line of chromatography products for several years," Brinster notes. "It's a competitive line but the buying decision can hinge on things like packaging or cap design. MicroLiter, on the other hand, is regarded by customers as having products that are effective in background reduction, which is particularly important in the high-precision area. You can get the job done without it, but the absence of competing peaks makes the job easier."  
MicroLiter's focus is on offering high-performance autosampler vials and accessories. To underline this, "we do not consider any vial clean that enters our facility. To ensure cleanliness we have installed a cleaning process that results in very low particulate vials. As you know, gamma- radiating products give you clean dirt. Dirt, however, is still dirt in chromatography. MicroLiter believes we have an overall higher standard of products because we control the cleanliness of the products we sell, not our suppliers," the company website states.  
Brinster points out that WHEATON is supporting continued product development and service improvements with its supply chain expertise and additional sales support from its established team of specialists.
"We didn't buy MicroLiter to roll them up," Brinster states. "We'll capitalize on volume purchasing and other similar economies, but MicroLiter will continue to deal with its customers from its very good operational base."  
Kim Gamble, founder and president of MicroLiter Analytical Supplies, adds: "We are delighted to become part of WHEATON, a brand that honors the work of scientists."
Gamble will remain involved with the business, providing consultative and leadership support. As part of the acquisition, the Instrument Top Sample Preparation products and patents were retained by prior management, as this portion of MicroLiter's business did not fit the WHEATON business model.
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