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JPT Peptide, Institute for Medical Immunology partner on chronic fatigue syndrome
March 2013

BERLIN—JPT Peptide Technologies GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of BioNTech AG, and the Institute for Medical Immunology at the Charité in Berlin recently announced a collaborative agreement to develop serological peptide markers for the differential diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).  
CFS is a debilitating and complex disorder characterized by profound fatigue. Symptoms affect several body systems, frequently resulting in broadly reduced participation in daily activities. Definitive diagnosis of CFS is difficult and a diagnostic test is not available. Currently, diagnosis of CFS is achieved through the process of eliminating other diseases that have chronic fatigue as a symptom.  
The goal of the partnership is to combine the long-term expertise at the Charité Clinics for Immune Deficiencies in diagnosing CFS patients with JPT's high-content peptide microarray approach to  discover seromarkers that enable the development of a diagnostic test system.  
"Our previous and ongoing research at the Institute for Medical Immunology indicates a chronic activation of the immune system for a portion of our CFS patients," said Prof. Carmen Scheibenbogen, the project team head at the Charité, in a press release announcing the collaboration. "Preliminary results using JPT's peptide microarray technology let us hope to find distinct serological markers that allow better diagnosis and treatment of CFS patients in the future."
Holger Wenschuh, CEO of JPT, added, "The previous success of our peptide microarray platform technology in identifying seromarkers in HIV, autoimmune diseases and cancer has led to this exciting opportunity to use our arrays to systematically explore other indications with high and unmet diagnostic and therapeutic need."  
The collaboration project is supported in part by Pro FIT, a funding program of the Investitionsbank Berlin and by the European Union.  
JPT Peptide Technologies is a provider of peptide-based products and services, including custom peptides, peptide arrays and ready-to-use kits and profiling assays.  
The Institute for Medical Immunology is a research institute of the medical faculty of the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Its facilities include a biosafety level III unit, where equipment is organized into technology platforms dedicated to flow cytometry, cell culture, molecular biology and microsurgery.
Neither partner responded to requests for interviews.



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