Mercator and Pepscan in R&D collaboration
February 2011

WALTHAM, Mass.ó Mercator Therapeutics, the first biopharmaceutical company to systematically use in-vivo phage display technology to develop novel cancer drugs, and Pepscan Therapeutics, a developer of protein mimicry technologies for improved therapeutic peptides and anti-GPCR antibodies, have partnered to optimize Mercator's Homing Peptides using Pepscan's CLIPS technology. Mercator's Homing Peptides are discovered through an in-vivo screening process, including screening in consenting end-stage cancer patients. Pepscan's CLIPS technology will be applied to improve the potency and stability of peptides by locking the peptides into the biologically active conformation. Mercator will pay Pepscan undisclosed research funding, milestones and royalties for the development of PDC products that couple optimized Homing Peptides with tumor-killing payloads.

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